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Friday, August 26, 2016

Biden Apologizes To Turkey For US Constitution

Vice-President Joe Biden adopted a conciliatory tone in Turkey's capital city on Wednesday in apologizing for President Barack Obama's inability to solely execute an extradition order as per the Turkish government's demands. Speaking in Ankara, Turkey, Biden declared that the Obama Administration would do everything possible to cooperate with the Turkish government’s demands for the extradition of a man it accuses of masterminding last month’s coup attempt.



Anonymous said...

Come on Nov. 8

Anonymous said...

They'll ship the guy from the US to an eventual death in Turkey. In a heartbeat. Don't forget, in addition to a golf club, Obama has a pen and a phone!

Anonymous said...

Biden has the brains and personality of a rock.

Anonymous said...

Traitor Obama apologizes to Japan for the the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Traitor Biden apologizes for the constitution.
How come we don't hang people for treason any more? Or do we just hand out hand jobs and Nobel Peace Prizes these days?