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Monday, July 04, 2016

Mosby Under Pressure As Rice Trial Begins

Pre-trial motions for Baltimore City Police Lt. Brian Rice are scheduled for Tuesday morning, with Rice's trial scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

Rice faces manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office in the death of Freddie Gray.

Rice's trial begins two weeks after Judge Barry Williams acquitted Officer Caesar Goodson on charges related to Gray's death, and about two months after Williams acquitted Officer Edward Nero.

Rice was the bike patrol officer who spotted Gray and two other other officers in April of last year, and began chasing Gray, after Gray ran away.

Rice is one of five officers suing Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Baltimore City Sheriff Major Sam Cogen for wrongful arrest and prosecution.



Anonymous said...

Mosby's a lying POS. Her foul arse needs to be locked up behind bars. She's a disgrace and even more disgraceful is the NAACP still supports her even after she's been caught in numerous lies. Goes only to show and to prove to the world that the NAACP is nothing but immoral liars themselves and a disgrace to not only black but the human race as a whole.

Anonymous said...

It's a commin folks , sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

how did he hae anything to do with his death? Gray was alive after they put him in the wagon

Anonymous said...

Mosby should be tried for incompetence and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Why is the tax payer paying for this dog and pony show? Clean house Baltimore and put some respectable people in office!

Anonymous said...

If the prosecution did not have enough evidence in the previous cases brought to trial, how is that these cases are being heard? Are they fabricating, as they go along, hoping someone believes the lies they are coming up with?