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Monday, July 04, 2016

13 unusual things GSA is auctioning off

The General Services Administration celebrates its 67th anniversary on July 1, 2016. GSA not only manages the federal government’s properties, it has a lot of stuff it’s looking to unload. Here are some of the more unusual items GSA is auctioning off.

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Anonymous said...

If Hillary wins they will be doing the same to your property.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention selling her emails.

Not to mention selling influence.

Not to mention selling our uranium to Russia.

Etc, etc.

BTW, Smithsonian will be constructing a new facility twice as large as Air & Space Museum just to house Hitlery's donated for tax write-off pantsuit and Nehru jacket collection.

Anonymous said...

Collateral for the US Bonds owned by Yoos everywhere