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Monday, July 04, 2016

CNN reports no charges against Hillary

Sources say announcement comes in 2 weeks following FBI interview

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Saturday, CNN reports from unnamed sources that “within the next two weeks or so, the expectation is there will be an announcement of no charges being brought against Clinton” so long as no evidence of wrongdoing emerges from her interview with the FBI.

“CNN has previously reported no charges were expected to be brought against Clinton,” noted CNN, “because the investigators had not found evidence to warrant charges, according to multiple law enforcement officials. A Democrat close to Clinton said Saturday the campaign believes the FBI will announce its decision before the conventions. … Sources familiar with the investigation had previously told CNN the Justice Department’s aim was to wrap up before the Republican and Democratic conventions later this month. The timing is crucial, because if Clinton were to be indicted before the convention, Democrats could perhaps nominate another candidate.”



Anonymous said...

This is for the server not for the other investigations against her like racketeering, bribery, donation fraud and espionage. Those are the big ones. The title of this post suggests it's a sweep of everything. Mrs. Clinton is still very much a target in a couple criminal investigations having to do with corruption and the Clinton Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Title is misleading. Joe, don't you want Clinton to be held accountable for her multitude of crimes or what? This gives title readers only the impression she gets a pass on everything when that's not the case at all.

Beanie Long said...

Clinton is still under investigation and looking at a huge list of serious Class A felonies. And quoting the Clinton News Network? Really!? They're about as credible as the Washington Post and New York Times these days. Quoting shills for Hill isn't exactly credible news sources.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what the machine does now, Trump will make sure justice is served once he is elected.
The evidence is clear and overwhelming. Only a corrupt Justice Dept. can ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing's going to happen to her.

Anonymous said...

She allowed top secret and above top secret communications to be read by our adversaries this was a clear breech of our security and left field agents exposed. Intentional or not it was a treasonous act and she needs to be prosecuted for it the same as General Patreous was, no less and definatly more so. She is arrogant and feels these laws and rules do not apply to her!

Anonymous said...

Hope she gets hooked up with Bubba when the corrupt candidate gets where she is going to be residing soon.

Anonymous said...

The government is allowed to violate statutes.
Statutes are issued by the government (kings).

We slaves are expected to obey every statute, even the ones we don't know exist.

Government (including Police) are allowed to violate the statues in order to catch us violating them.
Fair is fair.

lmclain said...

There are only two issues, I believe, concerning her violations of the law with regard to her e-mail server.
One is "intent", which she can fairly easily get around. The second is the phrase (in the statute) "knowingly transmit". She can get around that, too.
So, the prosecutors (also in on the Two Sets of Laws thing) can say (with a straight face, too) that there is "not enough evidence" to pursue a case.
There will be NO prosecution. She told you that herself a few months ago.
The law doesn't matter. Haven't you grapsed that yet??
What you think about it doesn't matter to them either.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...