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Thursday, July 07, 2016

"Folks, Put The Pieces Together" - Judge Jeanine Rages Over Comey/Clinton Debacle

Never one to mince words, Judge Jeanine Pirro goes on an epic rant regarding the FBI's decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

Judge Pirro says that given all of her experience, the case against Hillary Clinton should have been presented to a grand jury. Not only that, but Pirro cuts right to the point by saying that the entire decision reeks of favoritism.

"You all know I think highly of Jim Comey, I worked with him when I was a DA and he was the United States attorney. Today however, was a very dark day for the Department of Justice, and the FBI and criminal justice at large in this nation. When Jim Comey presented facts that supported the actual indictment of Hillary Clinton and said no reasonable person would prosecute, that case defies logic."

"This is a case, Hillary Clinton, that cries out for presentation to a grand jury. Political appointees including Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch should not be making this decision."

"Now what we have is a country that doesn't believe in the system anymore. This case should have gone to a grand jury. Ordinary Americans should have heard this case. You've got political appointees like Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch, and someone who was beneath Loretta Lynch who is also a political appointee making this decision, reeks of favoritism."



Anonymous said...

Watch out, Judge Pirro! People around the Clintons who don't agree wind up dead mysteriously. Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Judge Jeanine for VP!!!!