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Thursday, July 07, 2016

County Denies Solar Developer’s Tax Abatement Request

SNOW HILL – County officials voted to deny a request for a tax abatement from a solar company, citing the fact that the project wouldn’t bring many jobs to the area.

The Worcester County Commissioners agreed not to grant the tax abatement request presented by Byron Crawford of Longview Solar. Crawford had been seeking an 80-percent personal property tax abatement from the county.

“As much as I value solar energy, I don’t feel this is the right fit for our county,” Commissioner Chip Bertino said.

Crawford first approached the commissioners in June to ask for a tax break from the county. He said Longview Solar had two facilities planned, one in Berlin on Libertytown Road and another in Snow Hill on Public Landing Road. According to Crawford, the property owners who are willing to lease the company their land will use the proceeds of those leases to supplement their farming incomes.



Bob Aswell said...

Thank God! Finally politicians who DON'T buy the manure being distributed by these PR men from these fly by night energy companies. Somerset Co. rubes have took the bait hook,line, and sinker. Now, they've found these charlitans CAN'T come thru with their promises and have left the local folks with their respective pants DOWN. You get what you pay for and the too good to be true adage is spot on.
Bob Aswell..... Unimpressed Local

Anonymous said...

Utility scale solar hurts the local economy because the panels could be placed on rooftops or brownfields instead, using productive land creates more brownfields.
Disposal of the panels is going to be a massive issue because miles and miles of solar panels will come to the end of its useful life at the same time. This glut will make it very costly to decommission. Because this is a new industry, modeling that favors the development of solar has been used putting rural residents property values at risk.

Anonymous said...

Corporate welfare denied.

As it should be!