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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Comey Vindictive' In Prosecuting Stewart, Lets Clinton Slide

FBI Director James Comey declined to recommend criminal charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified material Tuesday. But back in 2004, he led what legal observers call a “petty and vindictive” prosecution against interior design icon Martha Stewart for a lesser offense.

Stewart served a five-month prison sentence in 2004 at the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia, also known as “Camp Cupcake,” for lying to federal investigators about possible insider trading. In the years since the case, there is a consensus in the legal community that Comey’s prosecution was overzealous and vindictive.



Anonymous said...

He is just another piece of garbage that fooled us all. These government agencies need some serious rearrangements.

Anonymous said...

3:33 PM speak for your own self, he didn't fool me, in fact I was the one telling all of you on here, nothing would happen to this women, just like nothing would happen to those Baltimore cops or any cop for that matter...

You and the rest were fooled, because you actually listen to them and take what they say to heart... This shows that none of you have learned anything and that is why history repeats itself... Since history repeats itself, it is easy and clear to see what will happen and when... If you listened to the people trying to help you instead of demonize them and call them conspiracy theorist and the like, maybe you would have known what was going on from the beginning... Just because you are to stupid or lazy to research history or any legislation the govt passes, to give you and Idea of what is to come, then that is your ignorance and should suffer the consequences of being so stupid, unfortunately I have to suffer with you because all of this affects all of us....

Anonymous said...

History doesn't actually repeat.
The elites who use intelligence agencies against the people tend to use the same tactics over and over.
It appears that history is repeating.
It is not.

Jesus Christ told us that history is a straight line.
It began when his Father spoke us into existence.
It will end when he declares it over.

Time will be like the blink of an eye compared to eternity with the Lord.