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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wave of bomb threats hits schools nationwide

A wave of threats directed at schools across the nation forced authorities to lock down buildings or evacuate students.

The threats, which appear to be driven by automated calls, have been directed at elementary, middle and high schools in states across at least four time zones.

Some districts reported that the calls included a bomb threat while others just described the calls as "threatening."



Anonymous said...

West Salisbury Elementary has police swarmed all over it right now.

Anonymous said...

Just got Call 15 minutes ago Saying that West Side Elm. Received one this Morning

Anonymous said...

Chopper 16 can see a license plate a mile away, yet we cant trace a call

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it from France last time?

Anonymous said...

The WCBOE announcement (robo call) that I received said only that it was a 'suspicious call' - no mention of a bomb threat mentioned on their website either