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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dog saved by vet intern just before being put down

Ollie, a 10 year-old Sheltie from Portland, came into an Oregon veterinary very lethargic, having difficulty walking and only eating when he was hand fed.

His owners, Al and Joelle, couldn’t figure out why their dog, who loves the outdoors, was acting so out of character, and after several examinations vets at DoveLewis Animal Hospital couldn’t figure it out, either.

A full range of tests, including blood work, a urinalysis and a variety of X-rays were performed on Ollie, and yet vets report they simply could not find a reason for the Sheltie’s diminishing health. They gave Ollie medication that could have potentially helped, but the pooch’s health only worsened the next day.

When Ollie returned that next day, he was nearly paralyzed, unable to eat or even go to the bathroom on his own. Al and Joelle were preparing for the worst.



Anonymous said...

I've seen animals come right up to one person and not lots of others... even when they've been holding out food for bait. There is a certain "thing" that a few people are born with that make them approachable and readable by animals... that's the diagnosis that's not been found yet. This intern (not the one slide show in a lecture) is probably what helped this dog.

Anonymous said...

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