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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Six-Figure Fines for Gender Pronouns?

The left used to congratulate itself on being the "Free Speech Movement." It used to celebrate the rebellious anarchists who used obscene words and forced sexually graphic images and conversations into the public sphere. Conservatives were the ones who insisted on decency in the public discourse and demanded regulation, both within the private sector and from the federal government, to protect the public from that obscenity.

But now, as the world turns upside down on sexuality and gender, leftists are becoming the ones who censor and fine. Instead of a Hays Code for decency, there's a Gays Code. Breaking the new language rules of the LGBT lobby can be very dear. Literally.

Washington Post blogger Eugene Volokh revealed that the New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued guidance that employers, landlords, professionals and businesses can now be fined up to $250,000 for not using an individual's preferred name, pronoun or title, under the New York City Human Rights Law, "regardless of the individual's sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual's identification."

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Anonymous said...

The left has never been for free speech! NEVER!!

Anonymous said...

Pandora's Box.

Anonymous said...

This should be a fine waste of the court's time and our tax dollars.

I'm for calling everyone "Bub". Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

The left are anarchist's.

Anonymous said...

12:33 PM. Bub says that it sounds like a plan, Bub.