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Monday, April 25, 2016

Subject: Bathroom Wars’ Goal: Humiliate the American Normal Majority

Welcome to life in totalitarian America, where even going to the bathroom and identifying the sex of an adult have now become intensely political acts.

Totalitarianism is about the politicization of everything, and once people’s careers can be destroyed by the New Bathroom Order if they publicly object to the once-bizarre idea of men in the ladies’ room–we’re there. Ask the now-unemployed Curt Schilling.

Totalitarianism is about using force to gain political goals. You can’t get more coercive than forcing the vast majority of people to endorse the utterly bizarre just to accommodate the allegedly hurt feelings of an almost undetectably small percentage of the population. So for the sake of each transgendered person’s hurt feelings, two thousand ordinary folk must be forced to ignore what their eyes and hearts tell them … and be publicly slandered as quasi-racist bigots if they murmur any objection.

Moreover, Americans have already solved the problem: They just politely ignore the fact that public bathrooms are quietly used by transsexuals–both those who look like the other sex and those who really don’t look like the other sex. That decent-minded, live-and-let-live compromise means Americans don’t have to pretend that men are women, and they can call the police if they feel threatened, for example, when a transsexual wants to use a changing room in a school.

But the progressives’ hostility to Americans’ civic compromises was always an element of the gay marriage crusade, as well. It was clear that the amount of coercive force unleashed upon society to make gay marriage work was far, far greater than the coercion necessary to allow civil unions to quietly operate alongside normal marriage. Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, we went from soft-focus “Love Wins” to the nation’s judges’ gaveling out legal threats: “Bake that cake, or lose your entire business.”

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Anonymous said...

It's about furthering the image of women as sex objects and now adding children to their list.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 women are nice looking in that pic.

Anonymous said...

But can they stand in front of a urinal and not pee on the floor? Or worse, my shoes.

Anonymous said...

How about "Family" bathrooms like the airports, where I can take my 13 year old Grandson, and know he is going to safe!

Anonymous said...

440 pm, how about you buy a "Family bathroom" for every business that doesn't have one? They can't afford a mandate like this, but obviously you are willing to buy?