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Monday, March 28, 2016

This Third Party Candidate is Gaining Traction

This November’s election is likely to be Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. To say neither one is popular with the American people is an understatement. Some have speculated that this could be the year a 3rd party candidate could break out.

Monmouth University actually polled a 3 way race between Clinton, Trump, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is running for president as a Libertarian. They found that such a race would be 42% for Clinton, 34% for Trump, and 11% for Johnson.

Johnson seemed to take more votes from Clinton, but actually had his best performances in red states. Johnson only polled 9% in swing states, but in red states he got 15%.

This is before Johnson becomes a somewhat known figure by most Americans. According Monmouth, 76% of Americans didn’t know enough about Johnson to form an opinion and he only has a 9% favorable rating.

The Libertarian Party is trying to reach the 5% threshold in a presidential election in order to qualify for Federal matching funds. However, Johnson in 2012 only received 0.99% of the popular vote.

But with many Republicans especially vowing #NeverTrump, Johnson will hope to improve upon his performance.

Source: AAN


Anonymous said...

That's who I voted for last time around. De deserved the job back them, but I'm all for Trump this time.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for Gary Johnson you are voting for Hillary Clinton.

12:32 PM you look like an idiot even though you are bragging like you are the smart and cool one.

A vote for a 3rd party candidate or a write in is a vote for the Democrat. That is one of the reasons we keep losing elections.

Anonymous said...

1:31, if you recall, last time around your "R" candidate was a guy named "Mittens", a Rino of the first degree. Where I live, (MD) our elections are decided by 3-5 counties around DC, and my vote would never change my State from voting Democrat, so I voted for an Independent who deserved the job just to show the rest of my Country that there are other choices out there than the usual slime buckets.

Do you understand that at all?

12:32 pm