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Monday, March 28, 2016

Subject: South China Sea: Indonesia Emerges as Power Player

Following the arrest of the crew of a Chinese ship allegedly fishing illegally in its waters, the government of Indonesia is facing regional criticism for shooting at two Taiwanese ships that it also alleges had trespassed into Indonesian territory. The recent incidents are helping to raise Indonesia’s profile as a formidable player in growing tensions in the South China Sea.

Indonesian Coast Guard patrol ships fired at two Taiwanese vessels traveling to Singapore this week, both of which had allegedly illegally entered Indonesian waters in the Strait of Malacca. Indonesian authorities let the ships go, but not before firing about 20 shots at them. The Lien I Hsing No. 116 was reportedly fired at about “four or five times;” the Sheng Te Tsai had 12 bullet holes in its hull. Indonesian authorities insist they made multiple attempts to communicate with the ships and did not receive a response, and that their officers followed all legal protocol regarding such trespasses.

Both ships have arrived in Singapore, where their crew spoke to media about the incident.

Captain Lin Nan-yang of the Sheng Te Tsai told Singapore’s The Straits Times his crew was unable to hear any of the messages from Indonesian officials. “At first, we thought we were being attacked by pirates. There was no warning at all and they started shooting. …

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Anonymous said...

If Indonesia "had emerged as a super power" then the ship would have gone to the bottom of the sea.

Very bad title.

Anonymous said...

China is even scared to death of North Korea.

Anonymous said...

It said 'Power Player' 2:26.
There's a little difference there.
The South China Sea is heating up with China's provocative acts. Many of their neighbors are upset. Some are starting to act.

Anonymous said...

Provocative acts?

It is called the south CHINA SEA after all.

Typical Empire residents. You cheer for the wars of aggression and an evil government of which you have no control.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that all are taking care of their own problems over there. No need for us to get involved...