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Monday, March 28, 2016

DUI Log for Press Week 3/21/2016 Thru 3/27/2016

Name Hometown Date Time Age Location of Arrest Accident Yes or No?

Raymond Bowen Berlin, MD 03/22/16 7:21 PM 58 Rt. 50 @ Rt. 346 No

Jaren D. Neat-Washington Frostburg, MD 03/26/16 3:20 AM 26 N. Division St @ Rt. 50 No

Alexander G. Boone III Ocean City, MD 03/27/16 1:30 AM 58 Center Dr. @ Golf Course Rd. No

Reid C. Levin Ocean City, MD 03/27/16 2:46 AM 26 Rt. 90 @ St. Martin Neck Rd. No


Anonymous said...

It is disgraceful that the names of recent individuals that have received DUI/DWI's have been posted on case search but the state trooper that was involved in an off duty accident in Somerset County on Super Bowl week-end and was unquestionably intoxicated has never showed up on the case search site. This blog site and other news sources ran the article and it was said that he (trooper Dize) had been charged with DUI. Something is wrong when troopers are treated differently than everyone else. There is no doubt that if this accident had not involved a trooper, the name of the person would have been posted by now. I'm starting to wonder if he was even charged. Will he even go to court after injuring himself and endangering others?

Anonymous said...

It's on case search.

Anonymous said...

If it is I can't find it. Please give details, I look at that site all the time and it's just not there.

Anonymous said...

No, if you're too stupid to find it then I'm not giving it to you.

Anonymous said...

You told him!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Where is that troopers info? Awww justice is blind to troopers only.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jim Ireton have a DUI the day after Christmas?

Anonymous said...

You can't give it 1:19 because it's not there. More criminal activity swept under the table by the people paid to protect us.