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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Subject: Pomona Student Claims Harassment for Political Beliefs

A student at Pomona College, a member of the Claremont University Consortium, says he was targeted by administrators for his conservative political beliefs.

Steven Glick, the editor-in-chief of the Claremont Independent, believes that administrators at the college’s writing center harassed him because of his connection to the campus’s only student-run conservative publication. According to Glick, the actions of the writing center staff eventually forced him to resign his position as a writing fellow.

Glick and other fellows at the writing center were charged with helping other students polish their papers. Glick, a junior studying Economics and Mathematics, said that the mission of the writing center had never before been political.

But Glick said he was called into the writing center late last year to discuss a news article about “safe spaces” at the Claremont Consortium that he had penned for the Claremont Independent, a politically independent newspaper that has historically been staffed by right-leaning students. While writing fellows commonly contribute to campus publications, he was the only one writing for the Independent.

“I got called in to talk about how my presence at the writing center might make people who came in feel unsafe, and how students thinking that the writing center might have some connection to the Claremont Independent would make them feel unsafe,” Glick recalled.

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1 comment:

lmclain said...

College kids these days are just so very sensitive and fragile.

For the ones that actually get a job, what will they do when their boss lights them up for being late or doing shoddy work? Start crying?
Ask "where is the safe zone?".
Someone who has ideas different than theirs makes them feel "unsafe" and "afraid"?
I'm thinking that it really doesn't make them afraid, it makes them THINK, which is waaay too much to ask of these poor little boys and girls.