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Thursday, March 24, 2016


(Communicator Citizen Notification System) 

The Communicator System is a citizen notification method that will automatically notify the Citizens of Wicomico County of important information in the event of an impending or occurring emergency via telephone communications. 

The system utilizes telephone company phone listings and addresses to place calls to residences in specific areas or countywide. Telephone companies do not maintain data bases for cellular phones that include addresses. Therefore, cell phones must be added with an address in order for a cellular customer to receive the informational call. 

If you wish to receive these emergency messages on a cellular phone, you must register your cell phone with the Department of Emergency Services (DES). 

To register you must go to the DES web site at and select the section entitled: 

Sign Up For Cell Phone Emergency Alerts 

Once you have logged in to the portal, follow the instructions to register your cell phone.


Anonymous said...

After receiving phone calls at almost midnight with regard to a child that had gone missing at a many hours earlier ....I think I will pass.

Anonymous said...

Sign up to be spied on

Anonymous said...

Never knew Wicomico county had an emergency services. Do they do anything?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust them.
Trust nothing run by any Government Especially Wicomico Mickey Mouse County