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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fourteen at nuke base probed for illegal drug activity

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen members of an Air Force unit responsible for guarding nuclear missiles in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska are under investigation for possible illegal drug activity, including cases involving cocaine use, defense officials said Friday.

The probe is a fresh blow to a nuclear missile corps that has been under intense scrutiny in recent years for a string of lapses in training and personal conduct, first revealed by The Associated Press. The Air Force has said repeatedly over the past year that it is making significant changes aimed at lifting morale and improving performance.



Unknown said...

Well gee, imagine that. No shocker to me and police do it too. drugs are the big bad bogeyman the government has created to help control the masses, AND to only buy THEIR drugs. ( prescription pharmaceuticals)

They are slowly but surely backing away from their 'war' on drugs, i.e., pot and recently have given the ok to start research into LSD and psilocybin.(magic mushrooms)

These drugs do have positive effects on those who use them. and society at large will benefit as well since there is a very good chance of the user having an enlightening experience.

And they will also open the eyes of those who partake in the consumption of these banned plant-based MEDICINES. Without the negative side-effects that the current chemical-based pills and potions are prescribed for us.

I am not currently taking any such street drugs, but I see no harm from taking most of them, such as pot, mushrooms, LSD, to name a few.

But I would someday like to try the magic mushrooms, LSD, and cannabis oil.

Anonymous said...

Raising morale in a place like that is difficult. It's almost like being in prison.

KBinLA said...

I fear North Korea or Iran or Pakistan may, one day soon, test these 'caretakers' and one can only hope they pass that test.