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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Living From Rent To Rent: Tenants On The Edge Of Eviction

Every morning for weeks, Meagen Limes made the same phone call: to a court in Washington, D.C., to see if that day was the day she'd be evicted from her home.

Limes faced eviction because she couldn't pay rent on her three-bedroom apartment in Southeast Washington, where many of the city's poorest residents live.

It can sometimes take weeks before the marshals actually show up at your door, and Limes fully expected to be homeless any day.

"And it's like really scary," the 28-year-old said. "I try so hard not to cry. Like, I would be like, 'Oh my God, if they come today, what am I gonna do?' "

I first met Limes outside the courtroom of the Landlord and Tenant Branch of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, where tenants go when they've been sued by their landlords for not paying rent.

That day, a judge ordered a writ of restitution — directions for the marshals to begin eviction proceedings.



Anonymous said...

Been there - living week to week - no sympathy for her at all! I pulled myself up and got some training and a better job - got out of the city hole of an apartment and supported my family. After that, night school and eventually a degree. All at about the same age as this person.

She should have used a pill or a condom...twice!
More importantly - her mother should have done the same.

Expecting the government to give you a handout on a regular basis is not a good career choice.

We should be limiting welfare, food-stamps, and reduced rate housing to x number of months - then nothing for a year. Let nature run its course.

Anonymous said...

Move to a place you can afford. Pretty simple.
Or move back home.

Anonymous said...

10:01 sometimes neither are an option. Just like here in the bury ghetto rents are ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Sometimes there is no such thing as affordable.

Anonymous said...

The $1200 she pays for monthly rent is less than a three bedroom apartment here in Salisbury, and in some cases, a lot less. And we're not talking luxury apartments, either, just the same amenities and size.

LadyLiddy said...

Taking responsibility for your life is no longer in style. We enable people to use the system for their only income. It should be a leg up, not a lifestyle. We all pay the price for our mistakes. Stop complaining and start digging yourself out of the problem. I'm tired of hearing nothing but excuses.

Anonymous said...

10:39 you are totally clueless. I don't know where you got your made up figures from but that is simply not reality when a 1 bedroom goes for $1000 here in the bury.

Ignorant to spew mis-information.

And she doesn't live here so how in heck do you know what the rents are where she lives. You are comparing this ghetto to Wash DC?

Just another bury idiot.

Anonymous said...

An 18 year old living rent free with her CAN get a job and help out.