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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buying Costly Drugs On The Installment Plan: Could It Work?

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist and Harvard oncologist have a proposal to get highly effective but prohibitively expensive drugs into consumers' hands: health care installment loans.

In the journal Science Translational Medicine, the academics liken drug loans to mortgages, noting that both can enable consumers to buy big-ticket items requiring ahefty upfront payment that they couldn't otherwise afford.

Some consumer advocates and health insurance experts see it completely differently.

"Isn't this why we have health insurance?" asked Mark Rukavina, a Boston-based health care consultant whose work has focused on affordability and medical debt. "Insurance used to protect people from financial ruin for these unpredictable, costly occurrences. Now, with large deductibles, we've got coverage for preventive care but not for treatment."



Anonymous said...

This demonstrates what a joke healthcare has become. Corruption that has allowed prices to rise to such levels, enabled by our government, as a payback for supporting Obamacare. But hey, we offer financing.. you can now mortgage your home for some pills.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 9:59. I was going to say, what an insult to the consumer.
How about you lower your prices.

Guimo said...

Logo sucks.