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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

From Slavery Reparations to Voter-ID Laws, UN Experts Slam U.S.

( – A trio of U.N. human rights experts ended a fact-finding visit to the United States Friday with a sharp critique of the conditions faced by African-Americans today, and decried the fact that “there has been no real commitment to recognition and reparations” for slavery.

Members of the so-called “U.N. working group of experts on people of African descent” drew a connection between controversial incidents of police shootings of African-Americans to lynching of past years.

“Contemporary police killings and the trauma it creates are reminiscent of the racial terror lynching of the past,” they said a lengthy statement, parts of which were read out at a press briefing in Washington, D.C.

“Impunity for state violence has resulted in the current human rights crisis and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

In another present/past equation, the experts compared slavery to the incarceration of large numbers of blacks for drugs offenses.

“The devastating impact of the ‘war on drugs’ has led to mass incarceration and is compared to enslavement, due to exploitation and dehumanization of African Americans,” they declared.



Sittingbill said...

What do you expect from the UN?

Anonymous said...

For the last 150 years since they were freed, we have fed, housed, clothed, doctored, and tons more, I think we have paid them back, and then some!

Steve said...

We should let the UN go their separate way...

Anonymous said...

Reparations have been paid ten times over and are still being paid. Eff the UN!

Anonymous said...

I don't want any reparations of any kind.My family has worked for every dollar they got.Screw the govt and any one who is to lazy to work to feed their family.I am 50/50 and whites on welfare or blacks on welfare,it's a curse and all it does is make you LAZY,you become govt puppets.

Anonymous said...

We have been paying for these lazy freeloaders for many years, ever since the end of the civil war in fact! Tell the UN to go screw itself.