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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maryland Amber's Bill would track domestic violence offenders

One family said it could have saved their loved one, Amber Schinault. She was killed on July 22, 2012, in her Prince George's County home she once shared with her ex-boyfriend, Andre Heinz Kulger. Schinault sought and received a protective order against Kulger after a previous incident.

"Amber's mom stated that they did everything that was supposed to be done: changing the locks, etc. The Police Department was around the corner from her house. They sat outside the home for most of the time after the first incident. Her mom said she was a fighter. She stood up to the judge with her bandaged hands. She said mom, 'I was looking into the eyes of a killer,'" Shinault's best friend Jaime Boswell said.

The order was supposed to keep Kulger away, but police said he broke through a basement door and killed Schinault by slashing her throat.



Anonymous said...

Since her throat was slashed, sounds like they need to regulate knives and have background checks before allowed to purchase.
That makes as much sense as another stupid law that a killer won't obey anyway.

Anonymous said...

4:41, you need to put down the political rhetoric for a minute and read the article. Has nothing to do with regulating weapons. It has to do with tracking an abuser with a GPS anklet and providing a warning of the abuser being close, likely for purpose of harm.

This is a discussion that needs to be had. A young man in Salisbury is dead for having protected a young lady from an ex-boyfriend and she was injured. A woman was murdered in the MaTech parking lot by an ex-boyfriend, with others in the lot in harm's way.

So, the question posed is, should an offender by tracked by GPS so that if he (usually a he) violates that "stupid law" called a restraining order, the victim has a chance to protect herself (usually a she, often with children.)

I support Second Amendment rights, but for crying out loud, stop turning every discussion like this into a political rant.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of counties in the US who have implemented GPS tracking technology with great success. I'm not aware of any statewide programs. Domestic violence doesn't discriminate. It happens across economic and cultural populations. My friend was murdered by her well-to-do husband, and this program may have saved her life.

Anonymous said...

An abuser? Know how many times a woman screams falsely? This is not a found guilty of a criminal offense. It's a bit of he did this back n forth and don't go near again. I don't see how they can do this unless convicted of a violation. And then if violated that order ..... No freedom at all! Go to jail for a while. End of story.

Anonymous said...

6:28 Amen. Men who beat and stalk women are cowards. I think they should be chained to a tree and let the victims take a baseball bat to them. I know it is barbaric but the system does not work for these types. I remember a day when a guy beat is wife he would have an accident at the hands of others. Now we all look the other way. Sorry for the rant but there is a so much DV in this county it is sad.

To all the women out there being abused and have small children in the house. You are allowing your children to be imprinted by this violence. It becomes part of their DNA. Be brave, be strong get out he is not going to change. Contact Life Crisis 749-4357 or the police.
I would suggest taking a shot gun and blowing his nuts off but that would be wrong. As for you men getting beat by your women I got nothing.
You do have a choice.

lmclain said...

6:28 and all the other "it will keep us safe!!" boneheads.
Here's another door they want you to open for them.
Ye, tragedies happen. Sometimes they appear to be preventable.
But AFTER you decide to solve THIS problem, who is next on your "tracking list?" HUH?
Why don't we tag EVERY citizen who shoplifted, so when they go in public we can watch them?
Quit trying to solve your personal tragedies with a new Nazi impositions.
You happily opened the door for Nazi "checkpoints" when they said they were ONLY going to be used for screening drivers for DUI (THAT is EXACTLY what they said, by the way). Right.
NOW there are armed Nazi "checkpoints all across the country, including armed roaming Federal agents, stopping random travelers on interstate highways, looking for ANY crime. Thanks, you lemmings. And now, you think they will limit the tracking to male domestic abusers ???
Keep cheering.