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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Daughter Convicted In Howard Co. Blogger's Death Sentenced To 30 Years

Morgan Lane Arnold, 17, will spend 30 years in prison in the 2013 death of her father, Howard County businessman and blogger Dennis Lane, according to a release from prosecutors.

She pleaded guilty last May to first-degree murder for her role in her father's death. Over nine hours of sentencing hearing testimony, prosecutors say the court heard testimony from forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as victim impact statements from Lane's sisters and fiancee Denise Geiger. Morgan's mother, Cindy Arnold, asked the court for mercy, saying she could provide more support for her daughter than prison would. However, prosecutors said that psychiatrists and psychologists diagnosed differing mental and emotional disorders, with no consensus on Morgan's prognosis.

Morgan admitted to working with boyfriend Jason Lee Bulmer, her then-boyfriend. Bulmer, who admitted to stabbing Lane, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison in February 2014. She was just 14 when her father was found dead in their Ellicott City home. Police at the time believed she encouraged Bulmer to kill her father.



Anonymous said...

My first guess would be that, just judging by the photo, that this girl has some congenital mental shortcomings. If no one has done a chromosomal analysis, there's a stone yet unturned.

Anonymous said...

Blogging such a thankless job.

Anonymous said...

She and her boyfriend both look to be mentally and intellectually challenged.

Anonymous said...

Thirty years of daycare.

Anonymous said...

Here is everything you need to know about who this guy was