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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Accordion buses to hit city streets by June

Ocean City is gearing up for the tourism season by adding two high-capacity articulating buses to the resort’s public transportation fleet.

The Excelsior model XB60 buses, which are 60 feet long and feature a traditional main bus with a second section connected by an accordion-type hinge, will be going into production in mid-February, according to a schedule presented at the Transportation Commission meeting last week. The buses will arrive in Ocean City by May, and are expected to be in-service by June.

Roughly 70 buses hit the streets in the summer, but the resort owns nothing like these models, according to Acting Superintendent of Transportation Wayne Pryor.

“Historically, we’ve run 40-feet buses on the streets. There’s about 35 seats and spots for 18 people standing. The new buses will have space for 94 people – 63 seating and 31 standing,” Pryor said.



Anonymous said...

It would be cool if they played accordion music on external speakers to let us know it's coming down the street.

Anonymous said...

A monorail would be even better, with Jetsons' music.

Anonymous said...

I can see these drivers between 50 and the inlet terminal constantly in accidents unless they eliminate all stops in this area, since there is to many accidents because the bus has to go from right lane across all lanes to get to the terminal and vehicles give the buses nothing. The drivers cannot drive the 40' unless it was in a straight line. Can not wait to see them new drivers.