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Saturday, January 30, 2016

City revises fees for labor, equipment used in events

The Ocean City Council has modified the fees it charges promoters whose events require help from city workers or the use of city-owned equipment.

In a resolution passed last week, the council aimed to simplify what had been a complicated and costly business of charging promoters for virtually everything the city provided.

The new structure has slight fee reductions, such as charging $10 for using the podium per day instead of by the hour or establishing one rental fee for small and large mobile bleachers. But the major changes are slashing the list of equipment, hardware and employees that events would be charged for using.

The structure that was adopted late last year includes rental prices for 66 equipment items from chairs to barricades. There also were 39 entries for heavy equipment, such as buses and forklifts, and their operators.

The new structure only has cost listings for 40 equipment items and 15 employees and large hardware items.


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