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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?


Anonymous said...

Very good commentary - from someone that is well-spoken and articulates the point very well...showing that minorities can succeed.

How do we get more minority folks to listen to this?!

If the minority folks refuse to listen and/or can't understand - the problem will perpetuate.....being presented by a minority person is a good start though!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they are necessarily racists because in this day and age to be called a racist is a compliment. It means you don't lie and/or sugar coat the truth which is always a good way to be.
As far as caring about minorities, liberals definitely do not care about them. To a liberal a minority is nothing more than a vote. We see this from obama day after day. He could care less about blacks and it's obvious he doesn't even like them. He thinks they are fools and a joke.
Case in point #1-the recent college shooting. While tragic it pales in comparison to the way blacks are knocking off each other every day in this country. This summer in Balto a 7 yr old had a gun held point blank to his little head, the trigger pulled and his brains blown out. Black on black and not one word from obama. Not a word. Not one single word.
Case in point #2-obama's immigration open door policy. This policy is the real reason why so much poverty exists. If truth be told not everyone can be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist. Some people just do not have the capacity no matter how much the liberals dumb down the 'education' system. A lot of unskilled labor jobs do employ a large number of minorities. By having such an open door immigration policy this allows for many ready willing and able persons to take these low wage jobs which only causes the wages to remain stagnant and low. Obama is a slave for big business. They want these workers so they don't have to give raises.
The list is endless on how obama and the liberals have done nothing but cause more pain and suffering on the citizen minorities of this country.

Anonymous said...

Perpetuating Democrats' policies will be the death of us.