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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Reporter Confronts City Commissioner About Scandal — the Politician’s Reaction Had Him in Jail by the End of the Day

Dothan, Alabama, City Commissioner Amos Newsome was arrested Tuesday after police say he physically assaulted a local television news reporter.

Newsome was being asked by WTVY-TV reporter Ken Curtis about a number of voter fraud convictions that possibly helped get him re-elected in 2013. Pressure had been building in recent weeks for Newsome to resign because of the controversy.

“Do you have any plans to resign,” Curtis asked Newsome, as the 82-year-old Democrat put his hand out to push the reporter back. Newsome dismissed at least two previous questions from Curtis, saying “excuse me” as he kept walking.



Anonymous said...

Not a problem. Just charge him with assault and battery.

Anonymous said...

It's far past the time for putting up with the disrespect wake up white MEN.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the commissioners race. WTH do we continue to put up with those animals!

Anonymous said...

Oh please. No one deserves to be treated like that. You're statement is so ridiculous.