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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dog Treats

Pictured from Left to right: K-9 Simon, Cpl. Larmore, the two compassionate citizens, Cpl. Edgar, K-9 Jonka

Two local citizens stopped by the Worcester County Sheriff’s to drop off some gifts for our K-9 units. Each K-9 received a gift bag of toys that they can play with during their down time. The citizens just wanted to show their appreciation to the K-9 unit for all their hard work.

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office greatly appreciates their kindness and compassion toward our K-9s.


Anonymous said...

the short brunette is cute.

Anonymous said...

isn't larmore the deputy that let his dog get run over?

Anonymous said...

They look like dog people, DORKS!

Anonymous said...

4:48 You are a sick individual--you definitely have issues