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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dick Morris: Trump Is Right, Fox Is 'In the Tank for Jeb'

Donald Trump is making the right decision to no longer appear on the Fox News Channel because the cable network is pulling for his nemesis Jeb Bush, political analyst Dick Morris says.

"Let me say one thing that hasn't been said before on TV but I'm going to say it. Fox News is in the tank for Bush," Morris said Wednesday to Dennis Michael Lynch, guest host of "The Steve Malzberg Show."

"Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, was [President George H.W.] Bush's main guy and main strategist. I first met Roger in 1988 when he and I worked together on Bush 41's campaign and worked on the negative ads that sank [Michael] Dukakis."

"The Bush family has always been intimate with Fox News and they are protecting Jeb Bush."



Anonymous said...

Fox is old news. Out dated like the rest of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear this

Anonymous said...

Freedom of the press belongs to whoever owns the press.
~ Commentator H. L. Mencken and journalist A. J. Liebling

Steve said...

So much for Fair and Balanced...