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Saturday, September 26, 2015

WATCH: Calif. HS Student Jumps In to Stop Attack on Blind Classmate

A California high school student is being praised around the country after a viral video (below) showed him stopping a purported bully's attack on a partially blind classmate.

The attacker, who was seen punching the visually impaired teen in the head during a lunch-hour fight, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and released to his parents.

The attacker was knocked to the ground after one punch from Cody Pines outside Huntington Beach High School.

The clip shows the accused bully bleeding and woozy on the ground. His friends then helped him up as Pines yelled at him for "punching a blind kid," who appeared to be OK.



Anonymous said...

The school kicked him off the football team for this and suspended him. I wonder what happened to the bully?

Anonymous said...

F the school and football team he did what was right. Good job kid.