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Friday, September 11, 2015

Candy Carson: The Anti-Michelle Obama

After nearly eight years of the East Wing's politics of mope and complain, it's refreshing to see a presidential candidate's spouse who is always smiling.

Candy Carson — wife of GOP 2016 hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, mother of three sons, and grandmother of two — is the anti-Michelle Obama. She's a quiet but confident ray of sunshine: down-to-earth, devoutly Christian and proudly patriotic.

While Mrs. Obama first gained notoriety carping about racism and trashing America, Mrs. Carson helped kick off her husband's 2016 bid by playing the violin with a gospel choir as they performed a joyful, rousing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

I met the couple, who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, a few weeks ago during a campaign stop in Colorado Springs. Dr. Carson's dazzling career as a Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon is well known. But Mrs. Carson's own personal story is remarkable as a standalone exemplar of the American Dream achieved.

The daughter of a teacher and a factory worker, Candy Carson grew up poor in inner-city Detroit with four siblings. She earned a scholarship to attend Yale University, where she met her future husband and fellow Detroit native. Mrs. Carson triple-majored in music, psychology and pre-med. She played violin for the Yale Symphony and Bach Society. Just as her church-organist mother insisted that all her children learn to play instruments, Mrs. Carson formed a string quartet (two violins, cello and viola) with her own three sons dubbed the "Carson Four."

Feminists loved Mrs. Obama's relentless jokes openly denigrating her spouse's shortcomings as a husband and father on the campaign trail.Victory did not improve her dour disposition. Even after moving into the White House and enjoying multiple taxpayer-financed vacations around the world, President Obama's bitter half bizarrely lamented her plight as a "busy single mother."

So. Put. Upon.

Elitist liberal working mothers expend an astounding amount of energy letting everyone know how hard they toil, how much "sacrifice" they've made, and how unhappy they are if they're not working outside the home earning "respect" from other elitist liberal working mothers.

Meanwhile, moms like Candy Carson operate in a no-whine zone. It is a blessing to have so many opportunities and choices. And there's no time to waste.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for illustrating the buffoonery of partisan politics. Both Mrs. Carson and Mrs. Obama have quite the similar background, but because of political considerations, you bash one but praise the other. Too funny

Anonymous said...

Simple!! One is worthy of praise. One is not.

Anonymous said...

And your point is what, 12:04?

Two very similar backgrounds have produced two very different people.. one a bright light, the other a bitter, bossy _______.

But that's just political bashing, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Their backgrounds are no where alike 12:04 - Mochelle lies and Candy does not; one does not even like the USA, the other loves this country; one minds everyone elses business and tries to tell them what to eat and how to feed their children; the other minds her owns business, and on and on and on = no comparison.

Anonymous said...

MO's sporting that underbite from a lifetime of being perpetually angry. I noticed that Baltimore SA Mosby's got the same thing going on. MO does lie a lot which is why anyone who defends her (hint hint 12:04) really needs to do some serious soul searching because they are extremely lacking in the morals department.