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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Warning For Parents: New App Hides Pictures Behind Calculator

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A growing number of teens are using secret apps to hide inappropriate photos and videos.

One of the apps is called “Calculator With A Percentage Sign.”

It looks like a calculator, but it’s a hidden vault allowing teens to hide images they do not want their parents to see.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says, “Go to the app store on the smartphone and search the word “secret.” By searching that word, parents will learn quickly that there are a number of apps that their children can hide pictures, videos, photographs, any number of items from them using something as innocent looking as a calculator.”



Anonymous said...

Of course, now the kids know which apps to get. & how to get them.

Anonymous said...

If you distrust your kids that much, you need more than a warning about an app that is not even designed for them. Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

NOT just for kids-plenty of people cheating on their spouses are using it too.