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Thursday, April 23, 2015

ROTC Cadets Required to Wear High Heels With Combat Uniform

Army ROTC cadets at Arizona State University say they were told they had to wear red high heels for an event to draw attention to sexual assault against women.

As part of the the event, "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes," which was hosted by ASU's Army ROTC program on Monday, the cadets wore heels and ran for 1.26 miles for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, according to The State Press, ASU's student newspaper.

However, the Independent Journal Review is reporting that participation was mandatory. One of the cadets explained how he and other members of his battalion were pressured into participating in the event on the social media sharing site Imgr.

"Tomorrow morning our entire rotc battalion [sic] is doing this 'walk a mile in her shoes' event where we all walk a mile in ACUs [Army Combat Uniform] with bright red high heels in place of our boots to promote awareness for sexual abuse on campus," he wrote.



Anonymous said...

God help this next generation

Anonymous said...

They don't believe in God.

Anonymous said...

How stupid can they get?

Shiite Catholic said...

How about holding a church service oriented towards preaching love and respect toward women instead? Make that mandatory.

You'll make a larger point with that venue, and you won't have to buy all those shoes then throw them away.

Speech is free, or should be.

Anonymous said...

The feminization of our men.

Anonymous said...

Violation of AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform. The Professor of Military Science at the school should be punished under the UCMJ for his or her actions. A simple mandatory training on the subject should have been completed. That is the appropriate way to handle the situation.

Anonymous said...

When WWIII happens, all this bullshi!! will go right out the window. So will all the other social experiments in our military.

lmclain said...

7:59 laid it out perfectly.
What's next?
Are they going to be forced to fly the gay rainbow flag at formation to bring attention to, uh, well, you know.
Keep cheering!