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Monday, March 16, 2015

White House Celebrates Iranian Holiday

The White House this week celebrated Nowruz, the Persian New Year most often observed by Iranians.

The festivities come amid tense negotiations between the White House and Tehran. President Obama hopes Iran will slow or stop its nuclear weapons program in exchange for removing economic sanctions.

First Lady Michelle Obama praised the holiday in remarks at the executive mansion Wednesday. The event featured a Persian dinner and a dance troop’s performance.

“I think it’s so fitting we’re holding this celebration here today,” Michelle Obama said. “One of the things I love about the White House is how it truly is the people’s house. It is a house that reflects the diversity of culture and traditions that make us who we are as a country. Nowruz is one of those traditions.”

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Anonymous said...

Chewie, the American people don't even know what Nowruz is - let alone want to celebrate it!

lmclain said...

Nowruz is a TRADITION in the White House?
Since when?

Anonymous said...

Since George HW Bush started it in 1991.

Obama Crooked Socialist Bastardo said...

Would you expect anything else from Obama's Master Puppeteer Valerie Jarrett, Muslim woman from Iran, who happens to be Top Secretary Chief of Staff. The same woman who arranged the Wedding of Barry Obama and Michelle Robinson many years ago in Chicago? Psssst, don't tell anyone and keep those Files Sealed From Public?

Anonymous said...

2:33 - since the current POSOTUS and Sasquatch moved in!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting celebration. This is the United States of America built on Christian principals. In God we Trust.

Anonymous said...

We all know how Iranian fundamentalists helped settle this country; OweBama told us so, and he'd never lie. Surprised he didn't give the bureaucrats a paid day off; maybe next year.