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Monday, March 16, 2015

American Scientists Trying to Genetically Modify Human Eggs

American scientists have attempted to modify the DNA of human egg cells using a new gene-editing technique that could eliminate inherited diseases from subsequent generations of affected families, The Independent can reveal.

The research was carried out on ovary cells taken from a woman with inherited ovarian cancer to investigate the possibility of eventually using gene-editing to produce IVF embryos free of the familial disease. The results are yet to be published.

Editing the chromosomes of human eggs or sperm to create genetically modified IVF embryos is illegal in Britain and many other countries because of concerns about safety and the possibility of the technique being used to create genetically enhanced “designer babies”.

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lmclain said...

Look up the term "slippery slope".

Anonymous said...

Upon acceptance of SNAP, EBT, WIC, etc... one must be injected with a drug that makes you sterile, and passes that down to your offspring. Get on it scientists!

Anonymous said...

Or, it could create a monster that will destroy us all.