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Friday, March 13, 2015

Nearly 11.7 million signed up for Obamacare health insurance

Nearly 11.7 million people have either signed up or re-enrolled for insurance coverage under the U.S. healthcare reform law, more than the 9.1 million predicted by the Obama administration,health officials said on Tuesday.

As of Feb. 22, about 8.8 million signed up in one of the 37 states that use online exchanges operated by the federal government and 2.85 million were in the 14 states, and Washington, D.C., that operate their own exchanges, the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

Take away healthcare from 30 million and sign up 11 million...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

It's reported that 30 million didn't have healthcare. Okay, let's accept their number. Then that means there was 270 million who DID HAVE health care, or 90% of the US population.

And.....100% of the population is affected in some way (mostly negative) by Obamacare.

Unfortunately, it'll probably never get undone.

Anonymous said...

no you idiots,

he took away healthcare for over 100 million people and only 11 million out of them signed for obama bin laden care...

remember every single persons health care was affected... bc now men have to pay for birth control as if they need or use it but in reality it is to cover the cost for women to get it for free...

lmclain said...

2:02 stole my line!
Get the smartest liberal thinker on this site and have them explain to rest of us dummies HOW (in anyone's world) this makes sense?
Could he also explain where my $2500 savings are, because I could really use it....
Of course, this liberal brainiac would probably get tripped up by trying explain lie after lie after lie.
What's REALLY bad is that the lie after lie after lie doesn't faze them a bit. It's an accepted practice among the obama loving goofs who, no matter what lies he is caught in, cannot wait for his next eloquent promise/lie.
UNinsure MILLIONS so we can force them to buy a product that isn't anything like it was sold to be and the end result?
LESS people have insurance, but the fines make it all better.
Keep cheering.