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Friday, March 13, 2015

Canadian PM's comments on Muslim veil set off Twitter flurry

Twitter users turned to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for tongue-in-cheek fashion advice on Wednesday, the day after he said the niqab, a face covering veil worn by some Muslims, was rooted in an "anti-women" culture.

Using the hashtag #dresscodePM, users of the social media service criticized Harper, who made the comment as part of an ongoing push by the ruling Conservatives to ban face coverings in Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

"I'm thinking of wearing white shoes before May 24. Is that still considered tacky," asked Toronto Twitter user Sarah Dearing, who uses the handle @sarahdearing, while Hamilton, Ontario user Sarah S., who tweets as @FrugalRock, wrote: "What's your take on leggings @pmharper? Do they count as pants?"

Shireen Ahmed, a Toronto-area woman who tweets as @_shireenahmed_, posted a picture of herself wearing a hockey jersey and a hijab head scarf, asking: "@pmharper My outfit OK? Am I still part of the 'Canadian family'?"


1 comment:

lmclain said...

Just another example, in a very long list, of attacks on anyone who dares speak reasonably and in defense of their own culture.
Hiding your face with a mask is ILLEGAL in most Western cultures, which is where they CHOOSE to live.
Move here (or there) and ASSIMILATE. Don't move here (or there) and try to establish another "Somalia" or "Iran" and don't try bending our will because your feelings are hurt.
Back in the country you are running from, a lot more than your feelings would be hurt.
Our laws. Our culture.
If you want to be Canadian (or American) then BE one.
** see Teddy Roosevelt's speech to the new immigrants, which should be given to all who come here (or there).