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Thursday, March 26, 2015

EX-Teacher felons convicted for raping children are STILL paid millions of dollars from state taxpayer-funded pensions

Personally, I think if you’re a teacher who raped students you should never see the light of day let alone your pension, Yet, they still do and Washington state lawmakers are looking to change that

Laurence Hill is a convicted rapist. His victims were 10- and 11-year-old girls he taught in a Seattle school. He served five years in prison for his crimes, and the Seattle School District paid his victims a $3 million settlement.

And yet, Hill has never missed a monthly pension paycheck. So far, he’s collected $208,000 more from a state taxpayer-funded pension than he put into the system before getting fired.

Critics say Hill and more violent predators shouldn’t get a dime.

“For them to now be in prison, a felony charge against them, and still be eligible to collect a state pension that the taxpayers also pay into, is not satisfactory,” Washington state Sen. Barbara Bailey said.

Sen. Bailey has introduced a bill that would penalize those who violate the public trust. A hearing was scheduled for this week.



Anonymous said...

You know what? That man worked. He put into a pension system and he is a scum bag.

How about we start with the baby factories on the government dime that don't do squat? How about we start with the real free loaders and criminals that are dragging this country down? Yes I am talking about Social Programs.

Anonymous said...

Get to it!

Anonymous said...

will that De. prosecutor still get HIS pension for raping that 16 year old boy?