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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chicago public schools to teach 5th graders how to ‘increase sexual pleasure’

CAUTION: The following article includes some graphic descriptions of sexuality in explaining the contents of a sex ed program intended for ten-year-olds.

Last year, Chicago’s public school district outraged local parents and made national headlines when it announced its new sex education program would include kindergarteners. Now, the program is again stirring controversy, as parents at one elementary school reacted with shock and dismay upon learning that their 5th grade students – ages 10 and 11 – would be taught how to use female condoms and lube for both vaginal and anal sex, with an emphasis on longer-lasting intercourse and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Parents at Andrew Jackson Language Academy were invited to attend a seminar on the school’s sex-ed program in a letter from school principal Mathew Ditto. The letter promised that during the seminar, school faculty and a Chicago Public Schools representative would “share the lessons and information that will be taught to your child.”

According to the letter, topics to be covered in the sex-ed program beginning in kindergarten include personal safety, human reproduction and childbirth, puberty, abstinence and healthy relationships. Starting in 4th grade, information about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases is introduced. By 5th grade, students are taught how to obtain and use contraception, including a condom demonstration.



Anonymous said...

Wicomico County middle schoolers are being surveyed next week about their sexual experiences, use of condoms, use of heroin and cocaine, and other assorted questions. You can find the survey questions on line. Search for Maryland Youth Tobacco and Risk Behavior Survey.

Anonymous said...

My son got several condoms dropped into his trick or treat bag this year. Not what you would expect to be given out to 10 year old's.

Anonymous said...

Just imagination the embarrassment my girl got on the school bus. She also got some of those condoms in her bag and took them to school, she was blowing one up on the bus, thinking it was a balloon! It was red and in a package, so my wife didn't even notice till the bus driver sent home a note.
The area she got them from was over by Dogwood Dr.