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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Vanishing White Democrat

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Democrats were predicting the end of the Republican Party.

With the rise of Obama, James Carville began peddling a new book “40 More Years” promising that the Dems would rule for generations.

Just this year Carville predicted that the Republican Party would become extinct if it lost to Hillary Clinton. But it was the Democratic Party that was going extinct in Carville’s own backyard.

Republicans began winning Senate seats in Louisiana for the first time in a century in just the last ten years. If Landrieu loses, then both of the Louisiana’s Senate seats will be unprecedentedly held by Republicans.

And Louisiana isn’t an outlier. Bill Clinton couldn’t stop Arkansas from going full Republican with two Republican senators and a full suite of Republican representatives for the first time in history. That’s all the more amazing in a state that only had two Republican senators before that for over a century.

The Democratic Party is going extinct in places like Louisiana, Arkansas and West Virginia. It’s vanishing because the working class White Democrat is becoming extinct.



Anonymous said...

Pretty soon all that will remain will be taxpaying republicans and tax revenue dependent democrats.

Anonymous said...

Calling all the bigots over to the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Calling all simple-minded intolerant's over to the Democrat party!

Anonymous said...

Calling all filthy, ignorant, social-parasites and emotionally-disturbed trash over to the democrat party. Back at you, 2:11.

Anonymous said...

bigots? really 2:11? How so?

Republicans aren't bigots. They tell the truth. You know the truth something you bottom feeders don't want to hear.
I could say more but I'm done with you. You aren't worthy of my time. People like you who condone the lies told by Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are beneath me and I look down on you because of your lack of morals. Adios-you are now dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry - Laura Mitchell, Jake Day, Rick Pollitt, Jim Mathias, Norman Conway, Barrie Tilghman, and Mike dunn will remain Democrat party puppets. Then there's the RINO's - Matt Tilghman, John Hall, Stevie Prettyman, etc.

Anonymous said...

You comment is disturbing 5:58 in that these people are in our midst. Anyone who after this lying administration and all the other terrible things that they have done that remains a democrat has some really serious character flaws. It used to be that the people around here were better and more honest but not anymore. They will sell their soul to the devil and do his work here on earth and not even care. It must be all in the way they were raised. There is no other explanation for it.