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Monday, December 29, 2014

This firefighter got drunk and decided to do something really stupid

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Kan. — Instead of responding to an emergency call, this firefighter allegedly created one of her own.

Chelsea Matthew, 24, a volunteer firefighter in Kansas, is accused of taking a fire truck on a joy ride while intoxicated, according to KCTV.

While driving the truck with sirens blaring, Matthew used the radio to contact emergency dispatchers. When asked what the emergency was, Matthew allegedly said she was being followed by a fellow firefighter who was trying to kill her.

Dispatchers sent a deputy to investigate the situation. Law enforcement was able to get Matthew to pull the fire truck over safely. The fire truck was not damaged during the unauthorized trip.



Anonymous said...

What a fruit loop!

Anonymous said...

You sure this wasn't the Westside FD ?

Anonymous said...

Why Westside? They may be rough rednecks but they don't steal fire trucks with lame excuses like this chick.

Anonymous said...

Your right. However Berlin has ! Willards current chief kyle gray caught them in Willards driving the brush unit with lights and sirens on ,drunk!