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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sun: Hogan Is Marylander Of Year

An honor for Governor-elect Larry Hogan from what some might say is an unlikely source.

The Baltimore Sun did not endorse Larry Hogan in the general election race, but the newspaper did name the Governor-elect its Marylander of the Year.

In an editorial posted online and in Sunday print editions, the paper said Hogan displayed, "independence and integrity," that puts him, " in a solid position to govern."



Anonymous said...

BOB CULVER is my county man of the year.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against Hogan but much like Time making Obama the same or Obama winning a Peace prize I feel it undeserved. What exactly did he do to earn this?

Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Sun has shown "independence and integrity" as well.
This contrast to Delmarva's The Daily Times which reeks of bitter unprofessionalism and immaturity.
Hogan and team ran an unprecedented grassroots campaign that focused on the residents of the state and their concerns. It was done in a positive way without personal attacks toward Hogan's opposition.

Anonymous said...

8:35 Read 8:43. Hogan is a Republican in a very blue state. That alone is an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Amen 8:43

Anonymous said...

8:43 The Daily Times unlike the Sun endorsed Hogan for governor.Look it up.

Anonymous said...

3:22 So? What's that have to do with anything? I'm willing to bet 8:43 was referring to the bitterness exhibited by the DT's in a recent editorial, relating to the election.

Anonymous said...

The thing Democrats, the Daily Times and Salisbury Independent don't understand about this election is the Republicans outworked the Democrats. There have been Republican waves before, but Conway still won. What happened this time was Hogan, Culver, Carozza, Mautz, Adams, Addie, and Anderton busted their butts.

How many people talked to Norm Conway during the election? How about Rick Pollitt? Judy Davis?

The Republicans won because they emphasized jobs and worked hard. That's it. That was the magic formula.