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Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Refuse a Checkpoint! Detained "BECAUSE" of the Constitution?


Anonymous said...

They ran his plates which is why he did not answer any questions.
Your every move is being documented.

lmclain said...

"We, the people" are no longer the masters.
We are now merely the "masses", too stupid to look after ourselves and in need on constant 24-7 surveillance about our travels, our friends, our personal information, our habits, and every electronic communication. Add to that a 2 billion dollar secret facility to store all that PLUS our photographs, bank account info, and credit history.
WHERE, oh WHERE is the "if you aren't doing anything wrong" dumbass?
99% or more of Americans AREN'T doing "anything wrong".
Why are we being searched and kept under such heavy and ubiquitous surveillance like never before seen in history?? WHY!!
Because we are no longer "we, the people". We are all now "potential terrorists" --- that's the official government line.
Keep thinking it's for "our own good".
Keep thinking that ANY OF THEM are worried about your "safety"...
Keep thinking that if you aren't doing anything wrong, you're okay.
Keep cheering.
I just got another rifle and ammo all around.
Just like all those cheering (and later very dead) German citizens WISH they had done.....

Anonymous said...

You asked for it right? Close the door remember!! don't complain now. you get what you ask for!!

Anonymous said...

THEY were belligerent?
Nice example for your children a-hole.
I presume your law degree is mounted on your dashboard too.

Anonymous said...

Real good example for the children. Stand for your rights. Our government is a tyrant machine. Baaa you sheep. Find your flock. It isn't here.