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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Fanning The Flames In Ferguson

The climactic uproar in Ferguson, Mo., a week ago took a zany turn when the “we want peace” message of Michael Brown’s family rotated 180 degrees to the imperative command, “burn this bitch down,” hollered repeatedly by stepfather Louis Head outside the grand jury headquarters as the decision was announced. The assembled crowd dutifully obliged and burned down many of the businesses that the local population depends on for routine commerce.

The scripted quality of these events seemed as formally predictable as an 1856 minstrel show, and the parallel is worth reflecting on because the nation appears determined to explode again in some kind of a civil war —bearing in mind Karl Marx’s advisory that “history repeats, first as tragedy, then farce.” As is the case with many show-biz extravaganza’s of our time the script had many authors.

First were the cable TV news venues, led by the race hustlers at CNN, whose limitless pandering to the intemperance of black viewers played a large part in cultivating the mood of injustice that failed to square with the objective reality of Michael Brown’s shooting at the hands of policeman Darren Wilson. Every conceivable delusion generated by the event was nurtured to the max in order to amp up the melodrama at the expense of clarifying what had happened. In the end, CNN celebrities Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper got the explosion of violence that their producers had worked so hard to fuel.



Anonymous said...

I've telling you guys for a few years now , there are two types of people :
1. racist people
2. liars

Anonymous said...

Lying about what really happened in Ferguson played the major role.
Brown did not have his hands up and anyone who persists in even hinting that was the case is a no good SOB and won't ever be treated nor looked at as an equal because they are the scum of the earth and not worthy to be an equal of Americans who value honesty.
Ferguson is 70% black. Canfield apartments where event occurred nearly 100% black.

Every single witness that testified was black. The majorities testimony were in sync with what the officer said happened and with the forensics.
Every single witness whose testimony including some form of the hands up theory was discredited, some by themselves when they admitted they were out and out lying and others who admitted they were only relating what they had heard and not actually seen.
Dorian Johnson, who was involved in the robbery w/Brown stuck to the hands up lie, but was discredited when several eye witnesses said he ran off into a grassy field, and couldn't have seen the actually events immediately before the shooting.
Here's the sad and really disgusting part.
The witnesses who were telling the truth were in fear for their lives. That is why the prosecutor chose the grand jury route where their identities remain secret forever.
They weren't being threatened by whites or by cops but by other blacks. Nice huh?
How low a race has sunk when people are afraid to simply tell the truth.