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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Body buried in creek behind abandoned home 'IS Hannah Graham'

Tragic discovery of shallow grave site in woods just a few miles from where accused killer Jesse Matthews grew up is 'confirmed'

Human remains dug up by rescuers in a dried-up creek belong to missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, local media has reported.

Searchers found the body behind an abandoned house in Albermarle County, around ten minutes south of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Hannah was last seen on September 13 with suspect Jesse Matthew.

Matthew has now been arrested and charged with abducting Hannah with intent to defile, and police say new forensic evidence links him to the death of another missing girl.

It also emerged that Matthew, 32, grew up around Albermarle County and is familiar with the area.



Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that when someone commits a crime they always throw the evidence (body, gun, knife, computer, gloves, etc.) in the nearest body of water? After thousands of years of murders and 50 years of TV murder shows you would think that people would have learned that the first place investigators look is in the nearest river.

Anonymous said...

Hope the prisoners kill that POS.

Anonymous said...

hey 7:47
the killer isn't playing with a full deck. It certainly proves his culture is lacking religion , ethics , morals and all good things , sort of reminds me of Obama and Brown.
If you want more of Maryland communism vote for Hitler Brown.

Anonymous said...

What part of dried-up creek confuses you?

Anonymous said...

so when are they going to charge that POS with MURDER???!!!

Anonymous said...

7:47 go back to watching C.S.I. lol. Great job finding the body. Now hang that turd. If Ohblahblah had a son he would look just like Mathews.