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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Police Officers Finish Delivering Order After Pizza Hut Driver Is Injured In Car Crash

It’s the joke that must be made — Portland Police not only protect, but they serve… pizza. Because after a Pizza Hut delivery driver was injured in a car crash, the cops made a special effort to ensure that his customers didn’t go hungry, and delivered up the pizza in his stead.

The driver was involved in a collision on Sept. 1 and was hurt (but is now doing better) reports KOIN, so two officers at the scene picked up the torch and went with it.



Anonymous said...

New places in Salisbury don't deliver because of the potential of getting robbed.They also have trouble keeping drivers because residents in Da Bury don't tip,and when they do it's like $1.

Anonymous said...

I can just see that happening in Salisbury. All the vultures standing around, trying to see what happened, would steal the pizza and run.

Anonymous said...

9:35-True,and the people are bad too.

ginn said...

Touche` 12:46PM
A great one, too.