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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Trouble With The Law Marks The End For Some Politicians, But Not Others

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has been going on August ice cream runs, speaking with reporters and getting ready to schmooze with conservative activists in New Hampshire this weekend.

Oh, and he also got booked on two felony counts.

Five days after a grand jury indicted him, Perry is going about business as usual -- and his stock in the Republican Party has seemingly risen. Early signs suggest that Perry's political career won't be sunk by simultaneous campaign and courtroom tracks as he weighs another presidential bid -- that, in fact, the dual process might actually give his primary season prospects a boost. Unless, of course, he was actually convicted.


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Bob Aswell said...

If ANY of the readership of Joes` site think for a minute the Texans are going to go against Rick, they`ed also believe Nancy Pelosi is going to be the centerfold in Playboy. Furthermore ALL Democrats are going to Heaven!!! Harry Reid will go into Sainthood.
The general naivitae of the public is the culprit behind the demise of order and common sense in the nation. If political strategems like this were to be allowed by providence I see days ahead of agony many times greater than we could ever imagine. The reason for these maneuvers are 'THE DEMS ARE SCARED'and this attorney and I use this term loosely, has good reason to be. I wouldn`t care to be her or one of her buds after this turns out to be a joke as OweBama and Eric Holder are. Look out boys, November cometh and when the Republicans hold the House and Senate I foresee some litigation on the horizon raising its head and the spotlight shining on the trash I mentioned above. Now thats JUSTICE. Bob Aswell