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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baltimore To Settle Trip-And-Fall Case With Eastern Shore Woman For $65K

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates is scheduled Wednesday to approve a $65,000 settlement with an Eastern Shore woman who tripped and fell on uneven pavement near City Hall.

Nickia Tunnell was injured in May 2013 near East Baltimore Street and Custom House Avenue, according to court records. Tunnell, of Kennedyville, “twist and fell” in a hole in the asphalt while exiting a vehicle and suffered “serious and permanent injuries to her left foot, ankle and leg,” according to the lawsuit, filed last September in Baltimore City Circuit Court.

The city’s Law Department, in a memo to the Board of Estimates, said the pavement was uneven and broken in the intersection because of roadway milling in process at Custom House Avenue. Tunnell suffered “significant verifiable and objective bodily injuries,” with medical bills totaling more than $30,000, according to the memo.



Anonymous said...

Since she was from the Eastern Shore she was used to the road surfaces being perfect.No wonder this happened.

Anonymous said...

I bet the medical bills were paid with medicaid, so no out of pocket expense. When is the party?

Anonymous said...

why is the name of the woman not known, even if there was a murder we would know the name?

Anonymous said...

10:30 We hide handouts in MD... didn't you know. God forbid people have to be responsible of watching where they're going.

Anonymous said...

Try reading instead of bitching. God I get on here to escape my wife not deal with more like her.