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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Diaper duty for Calif. taxpayers? Bill would create new welfare program

California is weighing a first-of-its-kind welfare program that would subsidize diapers for needy families, though some lawmakers say the plan's a stinker.

Assembly Bill 1516, written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a Democrat from San Diego, would create the taxpayer-backed program within the state's existing welfare network, called CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids). Families that qualify for CalWORKS could be eligible for $80 a month to buy diapers for children under the age of 2.

“When you have an identifiable problem preventing women from self-sufficiency and there is an identifiable barrier, shouldn’t we help that along when we can?” Gonzalez told

Gonzalez, a single mother herself, said she first learned that residents can’t buy diapers with food stamps from an Eminem song off the soundtrack to the 2002movie "8 Mile." Under those programs, diapers -- along with cigarettes, alcohol and pet food -- are prohibited purchases.



Anonymous said...

just give em 2 dozen cloth diapers and be done.

Anonymous said...

The "identifiable problem" is that they spend their cash, and cash from ebt fraud, on cigs, alcohol, drugs and lottery tickets. People have zero priorities anymore, and the government holds no one accountable. Just hands them more, to be even more irresponsible. TF? Commiefornia is like that though. MD is next.

Anonymous said...

Since they don't work, they have the time to reuse the cloth ones as 9:47 suggested. If they get tired of washing them, they might be encouraged to get a job and pay for the disposable ones. Disposable diapers are a luxury, not a necessity.

Anonymous said...

Kids should not suffer because parents are a holes.

Anonymous said...

@9:47 My thoughts Exactly! That state is already broke - no tax refunds even if you earned it - and now they want you to provide plastic for their kids to poo in, and then throw away! Great for the Planet - even greater for tax payers! NEWSFLASH - STOP HAVING KIDS IF YOU CANT AFFORD THE BASICS FOR THEM!!!!

lmclain said...

I can't believe that dumbass used "self sufficiency" in the same sentence advocating more dependency.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that we do not have a responsibility to anyone's children but our own.

If they can't afford their kids then they need to keep their damn pants on. Trashy pigs!

The responsibility lies on them and who they willingly copulated with.