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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rascovar: Serious Questions About Cannabis, Politics & Public Health

According to the mother of the man who recently crashed his stolen dump truck through the doors of WMAR-TV and stormed through the TV station claiming he was God – her son was a heavy marijuana user and that’s what caused his latest psychotic episode.

The near-calamity should bring new focus to the marijuana legalization debate in Maryland’s June 24 gubernatorial primary.

One candidate, Democrat Heather Mizeur, champions marijuana legalization. She claims its use “is less harmful to the body than alcohol or tobacco.” 



Anonymous said...

everything's the weed's fault

Anonymous said...

Well.. I can say that I grew up in early 70s when pot was being used by many of my friends frequently... An upper middle class community with good schools and opportunity. 2 are dead from drug related situations, 3 live today with psychotic disorders, and at least 3 that I know about are still using drugs. Who knows what the rest that I have lost contact with are doing. And yes, there were some that did well for themselves.. but the ones I know about all stopped using drugs. Most that continued past high school did move on to try harder drugs... say what you want but being stoned feels good so coke must feel better... The legalization of pot has nothing to do with it not being any worse than booze. It is about politics and getting votes and money it will bring to the idiots who want to legalize it.

Anonymous said...

Just like alcohol, heavy chronic use is harmful. Same can be said for a lot of prescription drugs that affect organs and body systems as well as the brain.

Anonymous said...

8:34 PM Sounds like you are using Pot as a scapegoat for your friends poor decisions. Since you clearly have never smoked Pot let me tell you a little secret. It does not effect "FREE WILL". Your friends made decisions based on their own information. What you are trying to say is that Pot is the cause of all your friends problems and that if that devil Pot was not there your friends would be pulling down 6 figure incomes. Well it doesn't work that way. There are other factors that go into someone becoming a screw up beyond their drug of choice. You likely know many many people that have smoked pot and are not only fine, they are excelling at life.

lmclain said...

Let's be perfectly clear about this --- marijuana, even the most potent ever grown, NEVER made anyone think they were God, saw hallucinations, or made them think they had the power to fly.
It has NEVER killed anyone.
And I would also like to ask 8:34 how many of his friends are now alcoholics, addicted (God, they HATE that description) to cigarettes, beat their children like dogs, cheat on their wife, etc.
10:00 is right -- people make choices. WEAK people make weak choices. Don't blame pot. If it wasn't pot it would be Jim Beam, or something else.
For every friend of 8:34 who died from drugs, I can point out U.S presidents who smoked pot, Senators, astrophysicists, COPS, lawyers, judges, doctors, teachers, neighbors, you name it.
Hyperbole. Fear. Exaggeration. Lies. Fake "science" studies.
Start thinking for yourself.....