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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Separation of Church and State?

Let’s talk for a just a minute about jurisdiction…

The Latin word “Juris” means “law” and “Dicto” means “I speak”. So, if a person — or an institution — has “jurisdiction” over a matter, this means that the person or the institution has the authority to speak, or to say, what the law is regarding this matter.

Now, please, notice that this does not mean that having “jurisdiction” over a matter gives one the authority to make the law, just to speak it — to declare it — and to enforce it.

In the America View of law and government, we recognize that the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God, is a fixed, unchanging standard. And “jurisdiction” — the authority to speak and to enforce the law — is given, by God, to four separate governments.



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So why then does this phantom keep surfacing?

Anonymous said...

Keep pushing this crap and we will end up with Sharia law. Be glad we keep religion out of government.
Careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

This entire article is flawed right from the start, which unfortunately makes the rest of the arguments invalid. The problem is that it all begins with a false premise, and then spirals down the rabbit hole to insanity.

His initial premise is that our rights come from "God". Upon reading the article, it is CLEAR he is referring to the Christian God. This is false.

Nowhere in our founding documents do you find this assertion, in fact you find evidence for the exact opposite of this assertion right in the first amendment which guarentees freedom of religion (i.e. we are not all Christian, nor do we all worship the Christian Deities) AND it sets up the establishment clause which has been recognized by the Courts as the separation of church and state.

Mr Peruka makes the mistake of confusing the Declaration of Independence phrase of rights coming from "their Creator" to mean God. This is wrong.

The writers of the Declaration of Indepenence and the Constitution were brilliant, and chose their words carefully. If they had meant to use the word GOD, more specifically the Christian Yahweh, they would have done just so, but they didn't. They used the word "CREATOR". Very decided difference. One could make the argument that it is a generic reference to "God", but that is incorrect too.

They said "their Creator". Again! the use of the word "their", not "OUR", or "THE", but THEIR. This was for the sole purpose of pointing out that they were NOT endorsing or specifying any specific Deity, or source of creation. Very specific, very careful wording by the writers of the document.

It was a way of ensuring that government couldn't take away these rights (which clearly the government didn't get the memo on as of late, because they keep trying to do just that.)

And to wrap up, only a SECULAR government can ensure religious freedom, and protect from religious tyranny.